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About me

My name is Zaheer Minhas. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am 40 years of age, married with three children, working in an manufacturing concern as Manager Accounts. I am a bird breeder by nature.
I love all types of pigeons but I keep and breed only fantails, Indian fantails, pouters, frill back, Lahore, tumblers, trumpeters and Jacobins. It is better to concentrate only few breeds of pigeons and specialize in those breeds.

I have started breeding birds when I was 13 years of age. My first birds were flying tipplers. Although I have kept many cage birds but concentrated mainly on breeding fancy pigeons. This site is dedicated to Pigeons only. I have also contributed articles on breeding fancy pigeons which were published in the Pigeon Debut (USA), Newzeland and Australia.
I am founder member and Ex-General Secretary of the first organized club in Pakistan on fancy/racing pigeons in Pakistan. The name of the club is PAKISTAN RACING & SHOW PIGEONS ASSOCIATION. 

The main purpose of creating this website is to share the knowledge with other pigeon fanciers. 


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