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Currently the following clubs are active and catering the needs of pets and their care. I am founder member and office bearer of the under mentioned clubs/societies.


  • Cage Birds society

Founder Member/Ex-Finance secretary of the club. The club deals with all type of cage birds. Hold monthly meeting in a local hotel.

  • Aviculture society of Pakistan

Founder Member and Finance Secretary of the club. The clubs have 50 members at the moment. Club holds its monthly meeting on first Sunday of every month. The brief profile of the club is attached.


  • Pakistan Racing and show pigeons association

Founder member and Ex-General Secretary of the club. Club holds pigeon races and pigeon shows. The club holds its first ever pigeon show in Pakistan on December 1998. Few photographs of the pigeon shows and my pigeons.

  • Pakistan Homers Club

General Secretary of the club. Club holds bi-monthly meeting and hold two pigeon races in a year.